Welcome to Steve Knight Photo. I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. and was exposed to the joy of photography at a young age. My older siblings were photographers and had a darkroom in our basement , so naturally I was drawn to making pictures. I still have vivid memories of hiking through Sligo Creek Park with my first SLR, a Pentax K1000, to capture images on black and white film. I'd rush back home to develop the roll, usually Kodak Tri-X, and print contact sheets that would dry over the laundry room sink. I would later embrace digital photography but I'll always remember the feeling of watching a print magically appear in a tray of developer. Over the years my passion for photography grew to include sports, dance and my specialty of portraits. I was lucky enough to meet my lovely wife, Vanessa, and we moved to Vermont in 1995. We live in Stowe with our beautiful daughter and our Chocolate Labrador Retriever. You may choose to have portraits taken in my studio for complete creative control of lighting or on location at the site of your choice. I look forward to working with you soon and thank you for visiting. 

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